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Flyaway Serum
Flyaway Serum
Flyaway Serum

The Perfect Pony

Flyaway Serum

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Looking to create a Perfect Pony?

Perfect Pony Flyaway Serum is an easy to use hair product, that simply holds back your baby hair! It's perfect for all ages from kids to adults. It's great for events such as kids school photos, dance concerts or special occasions where you want to create a sleek up do, that will keep looking fabulous for longer! Perfect for everyday use as well - it's a perfect addition to your handbag or dance bag!

How to use:

1. Style your hair as you wish - this could be a ponytail, bun or even when your hair is down!

2. Run the Perfect Pony wand over any area with any baby hairs that need taming and you're done! So quick, easy and no more hairspray crunch!

Size: 15ml

Main Ingredients:

Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Glycerin, Water and organic DMDM Hydantoin